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Our Mission

We simplify processes & structures using our individual mindsets and the power of technology. #actwithus

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We are one of the pioneers in the tax analysis of digital business models, blockchain-based transactions, tokens and ICOs in the DACHLI region.

Our clients from the blockchain or fintech industry are internationally renowned companies and range from innovative startups from Crypto Valley to wealthy crypto enthusiasts and professional investors.


We have been involved since hour zero and assisted the first STO in Europe. Due to our affinity for new business models and new ways of thinking, we are the right contact for startups or established companies for tax issues in the field of crypto & digitalization. Our team is not only in close contact with the tax authorities, but also publishes on the latest topics in this area, which makes us decisively involved in the elaboration and advice.


We're actus ag

The tax consultancy for innovative companies and complex asset structures connected to Liechtenstein.

#acting instead of reacting

Being one of the leading and most innovative boutique tax consultancies in Liechtenstein, we offer consultancy services relating to the DACHLI region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein). Moreover, we are devoted to new technologies and are continuously evolving in order to detect and master new challenges.

#challenge today & change tomorrow

Our clients appreciate this vision and expertise as well as our reliability, individual support, and advice we provide. Due to our affinity for new technologies, many companies active in the fields of blockchain and fintech place their trust in us.

Join us on our Journey as we redefine the Tax Sector.

Are you ready to explore?

Are you ready for new challenges and enjoy contributing your own ideas? Would you like to work in areas such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, or FinTech?

In that case you are a perfect match for us! YYou don't just see yourself providing only tax advice? Then maybe you are the one we have been looking for! Both our performance and our success depend on all of us as a team and on our diversity. 

How can you collaborate with us?

Partnerschaftsanfrage mit der actus ag

At actus ag we are acting together, inspiring each other and giving each other support. Because our passion unites us! #actwithus

Our Partners

Seeger, Frick und Partner Liechtenstein
CLL Liechtenstein
BWB Rechtsanwaelte Liechtenstein
Bitcoin Suisse
Blockchain Founders Group Liechtenstein
amazing blocks
WeOwn AG
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